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Hello! I'm Chatchalita and you can called me Chatcha~I'm 19 years old. My Bias of all bias is Ogoe Yuuki.  
My fandom: Tenimyu/Prince of Tennis, Tokusatsu, D2, Kuroko no Basket Haikyuu!! And other currently aired anime. Currently my blog has been invaded by crows and cats.
Jul 24 '14

My facebook account should be burnnnnnnnn.

If I have to use that account for university purpose, I shall deletes all my fangirl stuffs or set them to private photos.

My current facebook is something I don’t want my uni friends to seeeee.

Burrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnn.  And I would prefer people to see my Tumblr more than my FB…maybe…

Jul 23 '14

My earphone that i just took out of a new box not working. World without music during transportation :/ I lost my apple earphone that still function well.

Jul 23 '14

Momotarou Mikoshiba // Episode 4

Jul 23 '14


Rei Ryugazaki’s Bento

Free! Eternal Summer Ep.4

Jul 23 '14

"They’re cocoa flavoured rice balls!"

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Jul 23 '14

"Gou-san! Do you remember me?" "Um, aren’t you Captain Mikoshiba’s younger brother, Kintarou—" “Momotarou!”

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Jul 23 '14


Tsune-kun with his beloved Kazuki-san.

Jul 23 '14

  Haikyuu!!   II   Tadashi Yamaguchi (x)

♡ Happy Birthday kuromau! ♡

Jul 23 '14
Jul 23 '14

can be screenprinted

I love click n drag and I love HQ!! so I will do all the versions!

Best friend: Yamaguchi Tadashi (Trust me, I’m a better friend that Tsukki)

First kiss: Iwaizumi Hajime (No comment…)

Crush on me:  Kuroo Tetsurou (OMG trashy cat have a crush on me, lemme fangirl for a while)

Lover:  Sugawara Koushi (Suga-san is great too, he will take care of me so well <3)

Rival:  Kuroo Tetsurou (You have a crush on me although we’re rival, this will turn into a great romcom isn’t it? We can have love triangle including Suga-san)

Cockblock:  Ennoshita Chikara (It also match his blunt chara very well…)

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Jul 23 '14

So senpai at the Uni told us to stay in his Line when we register.

My friends and I chose other Line (because this line has no people waiting in line)

When we walked toward the place where my people at my line are at.

That senpai saw me and said “Did you get separated from our line?”

So I said “Us 4 did and it’s not like I want to stay the same line as you.”

I’m a tsun tsun kohai.

Jul 23 '14


luniali said: marine life is fucked up

LET ME TELL YOU OK this is the last time im pulling out my ninja info marine life fact cards

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Jul 23 '14
Jul 23 '14

Echizen Ryoma & Ryoga in chapter 113 (New Prince of Tennis)

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Jul 23 '14


by JUSTIS✩ Artist gave permission to repost ✩

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